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Puma a Sportswear Brand of Excellence

Puma has a long and established history of excellence, providing sportswear to outstanding athletes and continually raising the bar in style, since its early conception in 1948. This was the year that Rudolph Dassler founded the brand, and the same year the company released their first football boot, the ATOM. This company had long been destined for greatness. In 1924, German born brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, formed the company Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.


They manufactured sports and casual footwear, gaining recognition, when in 1928 in Berlin, the winner of 4 Olympic medals, Jesse Owens, did so wearing Dassler Spikes.

This company is a trailblazer in the arena of sporting apparel. It was the first sports footwear manufacturer to incorporate the technologically advanced vulcanization production technique into the design of its boots in 1960, and in 1962, Pele helped Brazil win the World Cup in Chile, for the second time running. The entire Brazilian football team were kitted out in King boots, made from kangaroo leather, the company being the first to use this type of material.

Top athletes like Usain Bolt, winner of 3 gold medals in the 2012 Olympics, are associated with this brand and Arsenal recently forged an alliance with the company, giving it the license to develop all Arsenal branded merchandise.

Fashion forward and environmentally conscious Puma

As well manufacturing quality sports apparel, this brand has a certain type of style and appeal that gives it the definite ‘cool factor’. Top fashion designers Steve McQueen and Mihara Tasuhiro teamed with this company, to design outstanding collections.


Steve McQueen’s trainers are edgy and urban in style, while Mihara Tasuhiro’s trainers are best described as Avant Garde, unique and very striking. The brand also has a celebrity following with Fashionista stars Elle Winter and Camila Cebello, wearing the Sky Wedge and Mihara Sneakers.

Puma is concerned with the environment and takes its initiatives, like Cotton Made in African (CMIA) very seriously. This enterprise was developed to help improve standards for African cotton farmers. The company also began using recycled cotton in 2013, to cut down on landfill and waste. It’s clear to see that this brand is outstanding on multiple levels, raising standards in the production of functional sporting apparel, while keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends and environmental concerns, which gives it the mark of excellence.

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