Men’s Trouser Styles


Bootcut jeans feature a waistline that sits under the belly button. They are a normal width down to the knee below which they feature a slight flare. Bootcut jeans suit almost all body types. They elongate the legs and give you a slimmer appearance. They also suit almost every style of shoe – whether boots, trainers, or sandals.


Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans are often called skinny jeans, and are characterised by a tight cut fitting closely to the leg. Men with particularly muscular legs should avoid wearing skinnies, as they can be unflattering.


Straight Leg

Straight leg trousers generally feature a slightly lower waistband and a straight fit from hip to ankle.


Loose Fit

These trousers tend to feature a lower waistband with a baggier fit than straight leg jeans, making for a looser, more comfortable fit.

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