Size Guide for Women: Body Types


Women with small waists, whose hips and shoulders are roughly the same size, and with no one feature dominating their silhouettes generally have H-shaped figures. When buying bikinis, they tend to need both parts in the same size. H-figures look best in straight cut clothes and should avoid fitted tops and elaborate details. Clear, simple lines and cuts suit them best. Narrow trousers like slim fit and hipster cuts are also good choices, as are tops with round or V-necks.



Women with an A-shaped figure have narrow shoulders relative to their hips. They tend to need bikinis with a top half smaller than the bottom half. They should wear clothes focusing attention towards their slim upper bodies and away from the hips. Wide cut, patterned tops are best; trousers and skirts should be narrow cut and in muted colours. Avoid accessories or embellishments around the hips. Jeans styles like boot cuts and flares are good choices.



In contrast to women with A-shaped figures, those with V-shaped figures have narrow hips relative to their shoulders. Swimmers often have bodies like this. A woman with a V-shaped figure tends to need a larger size bikini top than bottom. Make sure to choose narrow, longer tops with v-necks to narrow the shoulders. A woman with a V-shaped figure can pick patterned and brightly coloured trousers and skirts to highlight her hips and distract attention away from her shoulders. Boot cut and hipster jeans are great for this.



Women with bigger busts, ample hips, and narrow waists have X-shaped bodies. Like women with H-shaped figures, they wear the same size bikini tops and bottoms. Generally, X-figure women can wear anything and should select clothes that flatter the whole body. Wear fitted tops and figure-hugging trousers like slim fit or boot cut jeans. High-waisted jeans also look great on curvier feminine figures.

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